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Why We're Not Setting Resolutions This Year

Posted on 09 January 2018

Happy new year, PRIM babes!

I always take time after New Year’s to spend time with family, reflect and plan on what will make PRIM different in our next year. We resisted jumping into the new year with resolutions, which so often get abandoned a few weeks in. In fact, according to Forbes, only 8% of people keep their resolutions. This means that the vast majority of us—an alarming 92%, no less–don’t follow through. Our problem with resolutions is the implication that we are flawed or not whole. We need to resolve to be better by working out more, eating less or a number of other activities that aren’t very encouraging.

While 2017 was the year of growth, as I learned a lot in both business and my personal life, I am ready to spread my wings and fly in 2018! As I reflect, I see how 2016 was a lot like PRIM's Caterpillar year; 2017 the Cocoon year, and in 2018 PRIM will blossom into a Butterfly. I’m entering this year with a team of smart, brilliantly-talented individuals that all continue to push me to greatness. As you have heard me state before, this industry is no joke. It comes with a lot of ups and downs. We have to constantly be ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion trends, what our demographic is asking for, events, media and (when there is time) staying current online. I feel stronger because of my tribe, and we are ready to make this year our best year yet—and celebrate my 5 years in business!

PRIM babes are goal-getters by nature. Of course, we have specific milestones we want to achieve this year. But instead of looking into the obscure future, we’re starting with ourselves today, embracing where we are at. We’re celebrating the past year, with all of its highs and lows, and looking forward hopeful and, most of all, kind to ourselves. We hope you’ll join us in offering yourself compassion as you think about what you’d like to manifest this year.

Read on for our intentions, and let us know what yours are in the comments! Then join us at the end of the month to kick off The Year of YOU. Join us for our Beauty & Baubles event, where you can pamper yourself with spa treatments from Bella Cara Aesthetics and NEW accessories from Arrow Jewelry Designs.

Missy:I have a few intentions this year, but the most important one by far is to find more of a balance between work and my personal life. I realized a lot last year, specifically to plan ahead to make sure I have time for everything I care about: myself, to do what I love and what makes me happy; my family, whether it’s family trips or Sunday dinners; friends, because girl time is always good for the soul; and of course my team—I would like to add time for more team-building retreats and exercises to help make us an even stronger tribe!"

Justine: “For 2018, I am going to be focused on letting the little things go. This last year has been difficult in many ways, but it also has taught me how strong I can be when it’s the only option. I have a tendency to take on too much and fixate on said little things. This year, I’m making it a priority to focus on the things I can control and to balance my life better.

Like many women, I’m a creature of habit. I can step out of my style comfort zone when I want to, but I definitely do not follow that same path with accessories. This year, I want to accessorize more, shoes, jewelry (especially Arrow Jewelry Designs and LLK) and hats!”

Chelsea: “My first intention for this year is to try to take more time to focus on my health and well-being. I'd like to start investing more time on simple acts of self-care, such as an occasional massage or facial, regular hair and nail appointments, or even going on a hike or walk outside to get some fresh air. This last year I've fallen into the habit of always being in a rush and haven't taken as much time to stop and spend personal time on myself.

My second intention is to break out of my comfort zone style-wise. I'm a creature of habit (with everything pretty much) and always stick to buying the same-looking items, such as #NotSoBasic layers, jeans and Arrow Jewelry Designs accessories, that I know I'll always like. I'd like to try to buy more pieces that are a little more fun and different than something I would typically go for—like more prints or even a dress!”

Brooke: “One of my intentions this year is to lead a life filled with more self-love! Whether that love comes from getting in some All Fenix and going to the gym more, journaling the parts of the day that gave me the most joy or even taking a bubble bath, I want to live a life that radiates positivity. As for my wardrobe, a goal of mine is to start adding hats to my outfits; I think they are such a cute and simple item that can elevate any look!”

Maddy: “2017 was a tough year to say the least. 2018 is all about recovery and improving my mental and physical health. I have the tendency to put others’ needs before my own, and my biggest resolution is to achieve a more balanced approach. I wish to focus on my own needs just as much as I focus on others’ and tp take time for myself when needed. Also, as a big perfectionist, I'd like to work on letting things go. When I make a mistake or something doesn’t go as planned, I am really hard on myself. This is silly because life is about making mistakes: learning from them, then growing and maturing from them. I wish to become better at accepting this.

As for my personal style, I always catch myself buying the same things. For instance, I probably have 7 pairs of black booties in my closet at the moment. Yes, they are all completely different shoes but all black booties. My goal is to expand my wardrobe in a smarter way. If I go shopping, I plan to take note of the things I already have and steer clear of them in clothing stores, in hopes of finding something more unique and exciting (and not already in my wardrobe). Not only will this make my wardrobe more interesting, it will also appear bigger because I have a variety of different items to create more outfits—more bang for my buck.”

Kandace: “One of my intentions for 2018 is to spend a little more time with self care! As a newlywed, I’ve put a lot of focus on my spouse/our relationship and haven't spent as much time doing some of the little luxuries I enjoy, such as painting my nails, applying facial masks and taking a extra time in the mornings to get ready and get my outfit just right. They’re just little things, but they add up. I find that when I take the few extra minutes to do something as simple as paint my nails or stack a few bracelets and layer some necklaces, I feel better throughout the day because I’m taking the time to express myself!”

Moon: “My first intention is a mixture of both (fashion) work and pleasure. I want to use my passport again: get a new country stamp in it and get back to my love of traveling. For me, traveling is a huge fashion inspiration, as I tend to draw a lot of my own inspiration from the beautiful Earth we live on. I feel that every town, city and country has an individual fashion flavor or trend to them! There is so much to learn from travel, both in style and home. When I travel, I love to pack new things that I might not normally wear at home. I always bring All Fenix leggings to work out in wherever I go! I love to go hiking in new places and, if the option to swim is there, that is also always a must. This ties into another one of my intentions: to embrace the outdoors more, connect with the Earth and appreciate this beautiful gift we have been given. On my journey to embrace the Earth, another intention I’ve set is to lessen my use of plastics and one-time use waste. We live in such a consumer-driven world, and I work at the helm of that ship in retail. However, something I LOVE about my job is that, unlike my previous management jobs at fast-fashion wasting retail monsters, PRIM offers you clothes that will last a lifetime, instead of constant clothing turnarounds.”

Danielle: “One of my intentions for 2018 is to be more wise with how I spend money, namely by focusing on things I need instead of want. Being in college—as well as being a teenage girl—it’s challenging to resist shopping… getting my nails done… eating FOOD (aka eating out at the deli next to PRIM every time I get a lunch break!). Cutting back and putting aside a good portion of money will help me out in the long run, and I hope to get better at that. Another one is to be more outgoing and focus on my emotional and physical health.”

Paige: “My resolution for 2018 is to be smarter with my spending as well. As much as I love shopping at places like forever 21 or other less expensive stores, I want to buy higher quality pieces that are going to be worth the money and last. For instance, I bought a new pair of Fidelity jeans that I’ve been living in, and I donated two pairs of cheap jeans that just don’t compare. I also bought the red Mauritius jacket, and now it’s replaced the faux leather jacket that I’ve had for years. Out with the old, and in with the high quality!”

Don't forget to tell us your 2018 intentions in the comments below, and join us January 27th at our Beauty & Baubles event!
XO PRIM babes,


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