Girl Crush of the Month: Staci Greenbaum

Posted on 21 September 2017

Last week, one of our favorite guilty pleasures returned to TV. Even though they hail from the other side of the country, there are countless reasons why we love the outrageous Broad City girls—for nailing millennial living, accessible personal style, and outspoken commentary, to name a few. But when we spotted Ilana Glazer’s character sporting a PRIM essential NikiBiki bralette last season, we knew we had to talk to the woman behind their unapologetic fashion choices. Staci Greenbaum is responsible for dressing the powerful women on Broad City, Odd Mom Out and Difficult People. Find out how the new mom balances work and family in style. —Katie Davidson

How would you describe your personal style? “I guess I would call it minimalistic-ease or chic. I spend a lot of my time concerning myself with what everyone else is always wearing, so as streamlined and simplistic as I can. I sort of establish a uniform, and then rotate that every day, between work and—I have a 1-year-old—so anything that’s easy is good in my book. I’d rather accessorize with the same pieces sort of in rotation than have lots of fun clothes—also because your priorities shift just a little bit.”

What is something you will always splurge on? “Something I always splurge on is outerwear and bags because I feel like those are things I often fall madly in love with. We work outside a lot [on-set for Broad City], and since we have lots of seasons, I know that will go the distance for me. I’ll also splurge on the perfect black sack dress of any variety, but I would definitely say outerwear is a big one. I have a humongous closet of just coats and jackets.”

Is there a character you’ve created looks for that you identify with the most? “Probably some sort of mashup. I definitely relate to the way Abbi dresses on Broad City, kind of that cool, normcore aesthetic. She’s gotten into geometric prints and more artistic designs, and then also Jill Kargman on Odd Mom Out. I think a lot of my heart and soul resonates in that kind of black-and-white, Victorian-inspired world. They’re two very different people, but there’s a little bit of each that I find I can really relate to, depending upon whether or I’m going out or going to work[, etc.].”

Do you have any on-set, self-care essentials? “Well I am known for being a little bit of a bag lady. I carry anything around with me for any scenario—as though if there was an apocalypse, whatever I would need is in my tote bag. I’m really big into makeup-remover wipes and Cetavil face wipes, just ’cause you never know. Sometimes you don’t get very much sleep—the minute you get home, you face plant. So those are really great. And I always try to carry water with me. That doesn’t mean I always drink it—I’m carrying it right now, and I haven’t even had a sip. And I always have mascara and Aquaphor. Those few items can really get you through anything. Oh, and a mini dry shampoo. (Laughs) Sounds like I’m not doing great in the self-care department if those are my essentials.”  

Has motherhood changed the way you look at fashion? “As it pertains to me, absolutely. I’m really big on trying to bridge that gap between finding things that are comfortable and great to run after my son in, but also look nice—and also negotiating what your style is after you have a baby. It’s a huge transition. It’s a lot of changes obviously physically and mentally. Fashion and clothing have always been important to me, but as it pertains to me now, I’m still navigating what that is.”

Find some of Staci's similar #MommyAndMe essentials, including a S'well bottle to stay hydrated and on-the-go Arbonne skincare (as well as Ilana's small screen–approved bralette!) in stores. And stay tuned for our next Girl Crush of the Month! And be sure to catch Broad City Wednesday nights at 10:30pm on Comedy Central.

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