Designer + Vintage = Our New Handbag Obsession

Posted on 08 November 2017

Many of you, whether you know me personally or have seen me off the clock, know how much I love (and rely on) my Louis Vuitton. In a lot of ways, my purse collection mirrors how I approach shopping: by investing in quality pieces one at a time to gradually build my dream wardrobe.

PRIM has always been a reflection of my personal style, which is constantly evolving. I've always loved fashion at all price points, including luxury. I believe in balancing high-end accessories with lower-priced, everyday garments. I am just as obsessed with designer pieces as I am with vintage finds, and, as a former (and occasional) jewelry designer, I especially love and respect anything handmade. Recently, I stumbled upon a new brand that caught my attention by combining all of these ingredients.

New Vintage finds vintage Louis Vuitton(!!!) pieces, then revamps them with artistic embellishments, whether fringe, custom straps and/or hand-painted accents. The vintage collector and designer, Stephanie, is based in Las Vegas but travels all over to find the perfect bags to repurpose. Many of the vintage purses she comes across have been sitting in storage, and some develop a black, tar-like substance behind the original lining. When that is the case, New Vintage scrubs, seals and relines the bag with a fresh lining (not to mention pop of color!). Many date back to the '80s, and while it's rare to find a purse that comes with its original paperwork after so long since purchase date, Stephanie only restores authentic Louis Vuitton. 

What we love is how the brand offers more character and personality to the classic aesthetic so many women own. The end result is always a one-of-a-kind work of art you can’t find anywhere else. What’s even more appealing is she will customize any style to your tastes; Stephanie produces purses ranging from rocker to boho and everything in between.

I decided to play it safe and stock my stores with a handful of styles I wanted to add to my own purse collection. That way, if they didn’t sell or resonate with customers, I could keep them all to myself. But I couldn’t keep them on the floor! They all sold out immediately. My customers have spoken, and I’m giving my people (okay, myself included) what they want: more!

I’ve always dreamed of the day I would not only carry Louis Vuitton in my store but also host an exclusive trunk show. That day has come, and it’s even more special than I imagined because of New Vintage’s unique touch. Join us in P-town this Thursday to meet the designer, shop new styles and even customize your own!

XO PRIM babes, 


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