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12 Days of PRIM Babes

Posted on 12 December 2017

We already love this time of year, getting ready for the holidays. But this year is even more special because it's PRIM's 5-year anniversary. To celebrate, we're offering a special gift with you every day until Christmas: our employee discount, 30% to 40% OFF, on all of our PRIM babes' top picks this season. Find out what each member of our tribe is loving this year and why:

Wednesday, December 13th

On the first day of Christmas, my PRIM babe, Justine (P-town Store Manager), gave to me: All Fenix activewear

"PRIM has always been my happy place, even as a customer prior to working here. I always knew that I could come in and get help from my favorite PRIM babes, and my day would turn around. Now as an employee I feel that same happy-place feeling when our customers walk out with that high of finding a great outfit and us turing their days around. 

My favorite brand is All Fenix activewear. I have a love of being comfortable; I'm the 'sporty spice' of the tribe. I love to throw on a good pair of leggings for a pilates class or just to run errands in. All Fenix is my go-to activewear because of the fun prints and because they are NOT see-through! I'm giving you babes this promo today to kick-start those New Year's resolutions we all make. Wear these amazing activewear pieces to your favorite workout class—or checking errands off your to-do list!"

Thursday, December 14th
On the second day of Christmas, my PRIM babe, Marissa (aka Moon, LG Store Manager), gave to me: Gentle Fawn sweaters
"Being one of the newest members of the PRIM fam (and equally as new to the Bay area), I love how warm and welcoming every PRIM babe has been. They have opened up their arms and created friendships with me immediately. Even after working all day alongside them, they are still the girls I want to hang out with at the end of a long work day/week/month. It almost doesn't feel like I am in a new area because of the LOVE I am already surrounded by. They also make me want to look and feel my best, step up my style and my love of fashion every single day! They inspire me to be the best version of myself I can be. 

My current favorite brand in store is our Gentle Fawn sweaters—I cannot wear them enough. They are warm, cozy and go with almost every outfit I can think of pairing them with. Now that winter is here and the temperatures have dropped, nothing feels better than slipping into my cozy Gentle Fawn Aidan sweater and a cute Wyeth hat, while holding a nice hot drink and snuggling up with a good book or getting out to partake in all the holiday festivities!

I am excited to share my discount with every one so that they are welcome to treat themselves to that special item they might not normally. Warning: you will fall in love with all the products we carry as much as I have in the short month I have been with PRIM! If you see me out, know I will be in something from PRIM because I live the life of a PRIM babe now proudly, and we want you to join us too!"

Friday, December 15th
On the third day of Christmas, my PRIM babe, Chelsea (Visual Lead Manager), gave to me: Arrow Jewelry Designs pieces
"I love being apart of PRIM because it always feels like a supportive team/family environment when you come into work, versus the closed-off feeling of working in a traditional corporate environment. I also love working at PRIM because we can each express ourselves as individuals and openly express our feedback or ideas about how we think we could better PRIM, whether it be about brands we carry, services we offer, how something is displayed, etc. Our ideas are always taken into consideration, which I feel like isn't a typical freedom at other jobs. 

My pick is our pieces by Arrow Jewelry Designs! She is a local designer based out of Livermore, CA. The first time I saw her jewelry, I was in love and knew I was in trouble, since I would be needing multiple of her pieces. She makes a few different style necklaces and bracelets, however the designer, Tanya, hand beads most of her necklace and bracelet designs using all real stones, including agate, quartz, onyx, moonstone and labradorite. Most of her pendants are handmade—some she even hand cast herself. The other awesome part about her pieces is that no two are ever exactly the same; they are all one of a kind. Even her custom pieces are all slightly tweaked, so no two will ever look identical, which I love!"


Saturday, December 16th

On the fourth day of Christmas, my PRIM babe, Paige (LG), gave to me: On the Road apparel
"I love working at PRIM because I’m surrounded by amazing woman who are supportive and caring. We’re always encouraging each other and building each other up. The environment of the store is so fun, and it makes our customers feel more comfortable, like they’re part of the family. 

My current favorite brand is On The Road. I love that it has a boho feel to it, without being too much of the boho style. The pieces work in everyone’s wardrobe, and they have a wide range of prices so it really works for every person and every budget."
Sunday, December 17th
On the fifth day of Christmas, my PRIM babe, Brooke (LG), gave to me: ALL sweaters and cardigans

"I love working at PRIM because I love helping women find clothes that make them feel beautiful and confident! I also love that PRIM is a small business, so I really have the opportunity to cultivate relationships with customers and get to know their style. PRIM is also an amazing place to try new items and styles outside of your fashion comfort zone with a great in-store support system of PRIM Babes!

I absolutely love all the different sweaters and cardigans PRIM has in the store right now! It can definitely be challenging to find the perfect comfy-cozy-cute sweater combo, but PRIM has so many that fit the bill you'll be walking out with more than one—there is a sweater for every age and style!"

Monday, December 18th

On the sixth day of Christmas, my PRIM babe, Emily (P-town), gave to me: Fidelity Denim 

"Working at PRIM is amazing! I love being able to wear many hats, and I'm able to gain a lot of experience through doing so. All my co-workers are like family to me, and it makes coming to work that much more exciting! From day one, I’ve felt at home and I love that we work our hardest to make our customers feel the same way. Marissa’s passion for PRIM is so strong, and the energy flows strongly through each of her girls, which is why it's as special of a store as it is. 

Fidelity is hands down my FAVORITE brand—not only at PRIM, but anywhere! Before I knew about Fidelity, I had a weird relationship with jean;  I loved what they looked like on me, but I couldn’t ever feel comfortable in them. I always felt like I had to adjust them, and they were stiff, etc. I never wore jeans! Then I tried Fidelity, and my mouth dropped. They are EXTREMELY flattering, comfortable and soft! They are worth every penny, and it’s the only brand I wear now. I am offering my special promo to our customers to try to persuade everyone to give Fidelity the chance! I know the price point is higher, but you will be so thankful, just as I was, that you tried them out. And, I guarantee, it will be the only brand you wear too."
Tuesday, December 19th

On the seventh day of Christmas, my PRIM babe, Irlanda (P-town), gave to me: Willow + Clay apparel

"I am literally getting paid to do what I love most: help girls feel beautiful! It doesn’t matter what I’m going through in my personal life. The moment I walk through PRIM's doors, I am completely surrounded by the most positive energy. Our customers are amazing, and my co-workers are the best team players ever. 

My favorite brand in the store has to be Willow & Clay. They make all things beautiful—from fur coats to leggings. They never disappoint! All of their items are super unique, super soft and fit perfectly."

Wednesday, December 20th

On the eighth day of Christmas, my PRIM babe, Maddy (P-town), gave to me: Mauritius jackets

"Every single day that I’ve spent working at Prim has been an enriching experience simply because of the fact that I’m surrounded by such strong, motivational energy. The people are what make PRIM what it is. Every single time I watch my co-workers approach a client or customer, it is apparent that they have the unconditional desire to truly help them find what they’re looking for, that they want to invoke a newfound sense of confidence within the customer via the clothes that we are selling. I love working here because on a daily basis I am given the opportunity to empower other women in our community.

I can honestly say that I remember my first experience trying on a Mauritius jacket, and it’s because of the confidence that I instantly felt as soon as I put it on. There’s just something about the classic cuts, the unique colors, the soft and buttery feel—it’s impossible to not love the brand. I think that a good leather jacket is something that every woman should have in her wardrobe because of the fact that it never goes out of style. Leather to me is the epitome of empowerment. When I put on my leather jackets, I instantly feel sexier, stronger and ready to take on the day."

Thursday, December 21st

On the ninth day of Christmas, my PRIM babe, Danielle (LG), gave to me: Brown Allan apparel
"I love being a part of PRIM because it allows me to be around fashion and clothing that speaks to my personal style, which makes it easier for me to sell and be passionate. I also get to work in a fun, social environment with amazing co-workers that I get to call good friends.

My favorite brand in the shop would have to be Brown Allan because of the amazing quality and its specialty in soft sweaters and cardigans. Being a washable cashmere tops it off!"

Friday, December 22nd

On the tenth day of Christmas, my PRIM babe, Natalia (P-town), gave to me: gift bundles
"When I entered freshman year, there were older girls I looked up to—especially because of their sense of style. My love for PRIM began when I learned they shopped at at the local boutique. The first time I walked in, the staff greeted me warmly and did not treat me like I was a child (or bother). I started visiting regularly, and eventually decided to apply for a job. I had no idea the opportunity would offer me a second family. PRIM is a world full of fashion, expression, support and motivation. Everyone there wants to be there because of the atmosphere that has been created. I love PRIM for many reasons—not just because I look at them as my second family, but also because everyone there is not afraid of who they are and how they express themselves. That has benefited me as an individual, teaching me to love myself for who I am and that being different is okay. Furthermore, working with all girls and having a girl boss gives you a sense of hope and strength; in a world dominated men in the workplace, this is a world for women."

Saturday, December 23rd

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my PRIM babe, Missy (Owner), gave to me: a BIG surprise
Stay tuned! 

Sunday, December 24th

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my PRIM babes gave to me: stocking stuffers & bundles! 

a.k.a. all your last-minute gifts. You're welcome. 


XO PRIM babes, 


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