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Letter from your Fearless Fashion Leader

Posted on 21 July 2016

The one thing customers always ask is, “Can I shop online?” Adding e-commerce to the PRIM empire has long been a dream of mine, but it was an undertaking I refused to take lightly. Before launching, the site had to mirror the experience I strive for in all my storefronts: to make every visitor feel like a special guest in my home.

As my local and loyal customers have learned, it’s not about buying an item; it’s about achieving an entire look. I don’t want you to just walk away with new clothes; I want to give my PRIM babes the confidence to wear them: with a number of outfit ideas—not to mention the courage to invent new ensembles—under their chic belts before they leave.

At PRIM, we never sacrifice comfort for style, and we believe in:  

  • opting for lace bralettes under EVERYTHING, and tossing those uncomfortable underwire styles (You're welcome.)
  • taking a stand in chunky low-to-mid heel sandals and booties 
  • layering tons of jewelry, always (When Coco Chanel said, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory," she lied.) 
  • upgrading to not-so-basic basics (Expect the unexpected in design details, such as funky prints, open backs, make-you-blush slogans, and more.)
  • investing in accessories
  • passing our free-spirited vibes onto the littles in our lives (Enter PRIM POP's affordable selection of kid’s clothing and gifts.)

What this translates to digitally is inspiring content updated regularly. From covetable lookbooks to our tried-and-true ensembles to swoon-worthy imagery to educational blog posts, tune in week after week to learn how to get the looks we love. 


XO PRIM babes, 



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  • Mimi: July 26, 2016

    Well, CONGRATULATIONS – I believe you achieved just that! I love when I look at specific items on your website there are little suggestions like “go up a size” or “pair with this”. It lets me know that you don’t just want to sell me an item but you want me to look my best when wearing it.

    I love supporting local boutiques…but even more so when they make me feel like part of the family! <3


  • Sheila R: July 21, 2016

    Congratulations on launching your new website!!! I know this must have been quite the undertaking but it looks great! LOVE the blog section ??. Thank you for always making us feel like part of your family! we love you (I know I can say that a good majority of your customers feel the same way)! Luv ya! #theprimtakeovercontinues ??✨

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