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12 Days of PRIM Babes: Missy's Big Reveal!

Posted on 23 December 2017

We are counting down to Christmas—and the 5-year anniversary of when I took over PRIM Pleasanton and started on my journey! Every year I have to get creative when it comes to what we offer for the holidays. (I ask myself, “What deals will be smart enough to compete with Amazon?”) And this year, we were up against some pretty big numbers. Fortunately, I am competitive by nature and wanted to offer you, my loyal customers, something that would blow your mind. Our approach evolved from last year’s 30-day countdown (when I wanted to pull my hair out). We started with a VIP shopping pass—30% OFF the entire month of December!—that customers could earn when they shopped with us over Black Friday weekend. It was hard to promote 30% OFF to just these VIP shoppers, so we adapted to a 12 Days of Christmas countdown (not as high-maintenance as last year’s 30 days, but still amazing savings).

Then, the approaching milestone dawned on me, and I wanted these 12 days to not only be about gifting but truly giving back to my inspiring customers that have helped me live my dream for the past five years—not to mention my wonderful PRIM tribe that I couldn’t have done it without! The last ten days has been about what each of my girls love most about working here, and what wardrobe essential they are offering you at their employee discount!

My PRIM babes have turned the tables on me. You’ve read what they love most about working for PRIM, and now it’s my turn to answer their questions (below). BUT FIRST, the big reveal! My day to spoil you has come. TOMORROW, on the 11th day of Christmas, I will be offering (drumroll please)... our after-Christmas SALE early: Enjoy 30% to 50% OFF storewide, PLUS earn a scratcher with any purchase of 3+ items AND a champagne brunch in all three stores!

Team Interview

One thing my husband has taught me as a business owner is to always be reflecting and checking in with your team to know what you can be improving. As we celebrate the past five years and incredible growth, I asked my tribe to ask me anything they wanted. Read on for their tough questions and my candid answers:

Justine: If you could choose one outfit to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Missy: I would want to be comfortable but still fabulous, so I would have to say a pair of MuMu printed bells (the elastic waist makes them feel like PJs); a PRIM Favorite Tank; my Freebird mules; at least 3 Arrow Jewelry Designs necklaces; a denim jacket—and a bathing suit underneath because I love being in warm climates near water!

Scott (husband): So you’ve grown PRIM into three successful women’s and kids stores. Any plans for a men’s store?

Missy: I think men’s would be interesting; I have a pretty amazing concept for a men’s store, but I just don’t know how successful it would be. The men’s market is hard, and I don’t think either town I have stores in are ready for it. However, never say never! Until then, I think I would like to start men’s offerings in our PRIMluxe subscription boxes.

Danielle: What was the reason for taking ownership of the store, and how has the store grown or changed since then?

Missy: Five years ago, I was working part-time at PRIM in Pleasanton and thinking about opening a bar/ speakeasy. After chatting with the previous owner about my idea, she suggested I buy her store instead. It was music to my ears! I LOVED all the relationships that I had built and knew I could jump right in. I think what has made PRIM successful is the personal relationships we build with our clients. We really listen to what they are asking for.

Natalia: How did you achieve this dream of yours? What made you not quit/give up? How did you know you were ready for it all?

Missy: Great questions! I'll be honest, there have been some pretty low times and I have wanted to quit… but then I think about not having PRIM, and I immediately shake it off and push through. I am 100% living my dream, and I know I am made for this industry (there are very few of us). I think my work ethic, and constant will to want more has gotten me to where I am.

Brooke: Who is your biggest style inspiration and/or your biggest life/general inspiration?

Missy: I love this one. I can’t really say one person has inspired me. I am inspired every day, whether seeing something on TV, watching a movie, walking down the street or flipping through a magazine. I am always seeking to improve and grow. I would say I am always being challenged by my husband Scott. He works from home and is always working and taking calls. So I will listen in, and I instantly will be motivated by something they are talking about—even though it has zero to do with retail. Business is business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a retail boutique or a company raising $100,000,000. We are all after the same focus.  

Paige: What advice do you have for other women entrepreneurs?

Missy: My advice would be, as long as you are passionate and motivated to work morning, noon, and night, you should go for it!

Irlanda: Customers often compliment your sense of style and how unique PRIM’s clothing is. With so many different fashion trends out there, what is your source of inspiration? How are you able to effortlessly put the cutest outfits together?

Missy: I have loved fashion and clothes for as long as I can remember (I even got “Best Dressed” in high school, oh ya!). I think I just look at clothes differently. This is my world. Everyone has their thing, and finding the right fashion pieces for a client is mine. I live for when people tell me they would have never picked out this outfit, but it’s now their favorite. It’s literally my high. But just like every job, you have to stay in the know with the times. And in fashion, that means the future: I am always looking at what the latest trends are, watching fashion shows to see what’s going to be HOT! BUT, no matter how popular a trend is, what matters most is what my demographic wants. It all comes down to will you like it, and what are you asking for? I buy based on our clients, not what I want. What’s funny is I feel like after awhile I end up getting what I wear in the store—but I make sure its 200% going to move before i make a commitment!

Heather: If you were to collaborate with one of our favorite brands to co-design a PRIM-exclusive line, which brand would you choose and what type of pieces would they be?

Missy: GOOD ONE! OK, first I have thought about the idea of creating a line and what it would look like. I LOVE pieces that have versatility, so I would want to create a line that was boho, effortless and easy—with a little edge. Everyone knows my obsession for Show Me Your MuMu; it would be sooo fun to be able to work with them and co-design a line for any season! Another line would be SPELL. Everything that they do is effortless and beyond beautiful. I feel like some of their pieces could have a slightly-slimmer and longer fit for a wider range of people (including myself) to wear. It would be a dream to work with either of them.

Chelsea & Moon: What is the most rewarding part about owning your own business, and what is the most challenging?

Missy: I love this question. Some of my biggest struggles end up being what I love about owning my own business, if that makes sense. I am learning every day! The most rewarding part of being a crazy business owner is just that: I am the owner of three retail stores, and I’m proud of my team and what I have seen PRIM grow into. The biggest struggle for me is the unknown—and it’s scary FOR SURE! However, I’m always growing. I think because I’m always keeping an open mind, I’m allowing the growth to happen. This has been a challenging year personally, but in my PRIM life, it has been the most rewarding! I started the year different than the other three; this was the first year I didn’t open another store, so my focus was on my tribe. I think we had an incredible year, and I look forward to what we can achieve next year!

Maddy: You strive for PRIM to be the "Ritz of Retail." What does this mean to you, and how does this make your business stand out from the rest?

Missy: This means exceptional service from the moment a guests enters to when they have to leave—and then beyond. It’s all about the experience; I want our clients to remember PRIM, even after their shopping experience so they want to visit us again. I think this level of customer service is hard to find, and that is what sets us apart.

Emily: How many stores do you see yourself owning? What advice would you give your younger self?

Missy: I don’t think I can answer that first question as of now. This year, I told myself absolutely no opening any stores. Recently, I was chatting with my "dream team" when a business idea came up, and there I was making plans. I think we are made to do whatever it is we can handle. A client told me if I’m thinking about it, I can handle it. And I agree! But storefronts are hard work, and finding the team to support one is the hardest. If I can tell my younger self anything, I would say, “Go slow, stay focused and have an open mind to all ideas!”

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